1 / 1 / 2015


How generous life is, to give us yet another brand new year… for free!

– Elizabeth Gilbert

I really love this quote from one of my favourite authors, who wrote the reknown book “Eat Pray Love”! As much as I feel like this first day of the year still feels just like any other day of the year routine-wise, I still love that special feeling attached to it. I kept telling myself today, wow, it’s the first day of a NEW year, AGAIN, I get NEW chances!

So! this is my new project for the year. Goodness knows how many times I’ve started writing a blog, or a 365 Project at the beginning of the year, only to fall victim to life & my personal coping habits. 52 weeks sounds more realistic and doable to me than 365, and the fact that it is more doable is already a form of motivation for me. It could be a post here a week, or a photo-blog per week, or regular postings on Instagram, even. This year will be the year to challenge myself and continue on working on what I’ve started building in 2014: skill sets, personal recovery & achievements both physically and mentally, happiness, personal style… Essentially, what makes me, me. A part of me inside is still telling me with that tiny but insidious voice, you’ve failed time and time again, what if you fail again? you probably will actually, why bother trying again? In fact that was how I started 2014. But this time round, I lived by the quote above for the day and reminded myself that yes, self-forgiveness is possible. I’m not going to succumb to it again, sure I can’t totally erase that voice in my head, but I will go ahead with all my projects, and whaddya know, this time round it even excites me.

Though I can’t fully define my voice and/or stand on certain things yet, I’m still exploring, AND I can now finally define my essentials. I can’t wait to see what the year 2015 will bring for me!

I hope you live a life that you’re proud of.

Random idea / inspiration I had when I read this post: and I need to get it down before I forget the moment. Learn about the coffee culture in each country and city I travel to in the future, maybe even work in a cafe as a short stint, and absorb the unique culture to each city as well. Fulfill that coffee dream, that travel dream. Write a lot, take a lot of photos, and record those experiences.

infinite satori

Life is so beautiful. This world is so beautiful. There’s so much to do. So much to see. And we’re so young. What a waste life would be if we didn’t follow our hearts and do whatever makes us happy? What a waste life would be if we didn’t even feel alive, or risk anything because of our fears, or didn’t see the world we live in?

Whoever is reading this, I hope you follow your bliss. I hope you follow your goosebumps. I hope you follow your wanderlust. I hope you follow your dreams. Even if that means not having a degree to frame onto your wall, or a steady fat paycheck, or a nice big house, or pretty expensive things. Because when you’re on your deathbed you’re not going to think about the degrees you acquired, and how much money made and spent. You’re going to think about…

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